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Conrad F. Matz III, D.C.

Dr. Matz has been in practice since 1976. He attended Palmer College of Chiropractic, graduating with honors in 1975. Since graduating, Dr. Matz has taken numerous post-graduate courses in nutrition, orthopedics, radiology, and rehabilitation. The rehabilitation courses have included extensive training in the diagnosis and treatment of whiplash injuries and conservative treatment of disc bulge and herniation.

Dr. Matz was recognized as the Nimmo Education Foundation's first certified NimmoCare practitioner. This technique is a system of examination and treatment of tight, painful muscles which is very effective in relaxing muscles, relieving pain, restoring normal motion of the spine and joints of the body, and restoring normal nerve function.

Dr. Matz III joins an elite group of doctors to become certified in Chiropractic Instrument Adjusting technique. He was trained by Neuromechanical Innovations in chiropractic treatment using the state of the art Impulse IQ Adjusting instrument. Using this instrument allows the doctor to specifically target problem areas of the spine and extremity joints with a high speed, controlled force resulting in an effective but gentle correction.  

Dr. Matz III is a second generation chiropractor. His father, Dr. Conrad F. Matz Jr., practiced for forty-four years in Monroeville until his death in 1997. Dr. Matz has two brothers and two sisters. All are chiropractors in active practice. 

Conrad F. Matz IV, D.C. 

Dr. Conrad F. Matz IV joins the practice as a third generation chiropractor. He is a graduate of Life University of Chiropractic . He is proficient in identifying health disorders in the musculo-skeletal system. His extended course of study is in the treatment and prevention of disc related injuries.

Dr. Matz IV incorporates traditional chiropractic corrections, Nimmo receptor tonus techniques , and low force techniques such as: Blair upper cervical, sacral occipital technique, extremity adjusting, and Cox disc technique based on individual patient's case uniqueness for spinal alignment and proper muscular tonus. He has a multidisciplinary approach to rehabilitation and physical medicine. He incorporates the most modern concepts in rehabilitation, exercise, spinal hygiene and peak performance training. These adjunctive therapies contribute to individuals recovering from injuries, athletes trying to achieve peak performance, and beginners just getting started.

With nutrition being a central aspect in the paradigm if health and wellness, Dr. Matz IV recognizes that each patient expresses their own expression of biochemical individuality and they are unique in their deficiencies, proper weight, allergies, and genetic weaknesses. He utilizes supplementation, dietary changes, and natural hygienic recommendations based on analysis and evaluation.

The mission of Dr. Matz IV is to restore each person to their optimal potential of health and well being joining the legacy of Matz Chiropractic with a history in chiropractic healthcare you can trust and the quality of care you deserve.