We value our patients' experience at Matz Family Chiropractic Center. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Conrad Matz

  • "I am a 26 year old female and for the past 2 1/2 years have had severe pain in both of my upper arms, over my shoulder blades, and in the fronts of my shoulders. I could hardly sleep at night because I had such terrible throbbing and shooting pains no matter how I slept. I would wake up in the morning stiff and sore. I could hardly lift my arm up to brush my teeth because the pain was so bad. After over 2 years of seeing many specialists, taking a lot of medication, and months of physical therapy with no relief, I was able to get better after just a few weeks of working with Dr. Matz. With the combination of seeing Dr. Matz twice a week, using the power-plate equipment, and doing a few at home exercises, I am completely pain free and taking no medication. I would tell anyone that is suffering from long term, "unexplainable" pain to see Dr. Matz. He's done amazing things to help me heal and be able to move on with my life pain free."
    Brittny S. / Murrysville, PA
  • "The Doctors and staff are very professional and friendly. Dr Matz is always current with his research and very knowledgable about any issues I bring to his attention."
    Jenn O. / Murrysville, PA
  • "Two years ago I started the B-Strong 4 Life program. It was recommended by my family physician. She was concerned, since I was diagnosed with Osteopenia 5 years ago. After one year in the program, I had the bone density retested. The results showed that my osteopenia was reversed, and I was totally in the normal range. The exercise program surpassed my expectations.
    I like being efficient with my time, and I do not have 1-2 hours a week to spend at the gym.
    I can exercise at Dr. Matz’s office in my street clothes and in 10 minutes I can achieve what would equal an hour at the gym. I feel so much stronger and healthier. Best decision I made. Everyone will benefit from the B-Strong 4 Life Program."
    Nancy V. /Murrysville, PA
  • "I started working out on the BioDensity machines 2 years ago and my latest DEXA Scan showed an increase in bone was in two sites. I was very pleased to see the improvement as I was not able to tolerate the drugs that I tried taking (Fosamax) and heard negative things about them anyway. I will definitely keep up once weekly exercising using the BioDensity machine and continue to strengthen my bones and muscles as they age."
    Carol S./Murrysville, PA
  • "My right hip had been restricted for 21 years. Over the years, I had seen orthopedic surgeons who twice recommended hip replacement. Declining surgery, I continued to use physical therapy and chiropractic with massage. This helped relax the muscles, but the joint still didn’t move.
    When I did my first leg press in the BioDensity training, I felt and heard release in the hip joint. I felt relief from the tightness and increased mobility that day. I have been doing training for about 4 months and each time there is more improvement. I no longer have to stand up slowly and wait for my leg to move to step forward. I thank God every morning when I wake up for being able to move my leg normally again.
    The BioDensity training has improved my posture and overall strength also. It is the most helpful thing I have done for osteoporosis with skeletal weakness.
    Thanks Dr. Matz!"
    Judy G./Murrysville, PA

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